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The Ecumenical Institute at Assumption College was established in 1968, and refounded in 1999, to provide a forum for reflection and discussion of questions of common interest to Christians of all churches and to people of other faiths. The Institute seeks to clarify the differences that divide Christians, as well as the common issues confronting all believers in our day—namely, the relation of faith to the modern world. The Institute is particularly sensitive to the fact that, in many instances, the real problems persons of faith encounter today lie deeper than the issues that have traditionally divided Christian churches and other faith communities.

The Institute organizes the College’s annual Emmanuel d’Alzon Lecture, Rabbi Joseph Klein Lecture on Judaic Studies, Bishop Bernard Flanagan Ecumenical Lecture, Saint Marie-Eugenie Milleret Lecture, and Saint Thomas More Lecture. The Institute also sponsors occasional programs such as the Paideia Colloquium for faculty, and various other colloquia honoring the life and work of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Leo Tolstoy, the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth, and the beatification of Blessed John Henry Newman, to name a few. Through its annual lectureships, special programs, and collaboration with other organizations, the Institute stresses education and makes a deliberate effort to bring the best contemporary scholarship to bear on the life of the College, Church and society in our time.