The Emmanuel d’Alzon Lecture Series


Emmanuel d'Alzon

Emmanuel d’Alzon

The life of Emmanuel d’Alzon

The D’Alzon lecture honors the memory of Fr. Emmanuel D’Alzon, founder of the Augustinians of the Assumption. Fr. D’Alzon was born in Le Vigan, France on August 30, 1810. He died November 21, 1880 at NĂ®mes. Called the “Saint Paul of the Nineteenth Century” by the people of his homeland in Southern France, throughout his life D’Alzon he was a tireless apostle for the restoration of Christian unity. D’alzon wrote: “One of the reasons for our little Association consists in the efforts of its members to bring hearts and minds closer, through teaching, to the common center that Jesus Christ has given to His Church…” Members of his congregation, the Assumptionists, continue the work of D’Alzon today in Europe, The Americas, Africa, Asia and the Pacific Region.